Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr. Joseph Mercola Reveals the Dangers of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are supposed to help you regain lost energy but what you may not know is that they can also give you a stroke.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder and editor of the world’s most popular natural health website,, tells you why energy drinks have no place in your diet.

Red Bull, the popular Austrian brand, sold almost 3.5 billion cans in 143 countries last year and accounts for almost half of the U.S. market for energy drinks. However, it is banned in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Uruguay because of health risks.

Researchers from the Royal Adelaide Hospital Cardiovascular Research Center in Australia recently reported that just one can of Red Bull may increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke, even in young people. The study also states that Red Bull could be deadly when combined with stress or high blood pressure because it may impair proper blood vessel function.

Red Bull Australia said that the company will study the report but added that the reported effects were no different from those induced by drinking a single cup of coffee.

Before the Australian study, Sweden’s National Food Administration also investigated Red Bull after the deaths of three consumers in 2001.

Composition wise, energy drinks do not differ much from carbonated beverages because both contain little nutritional value. Red Bull and other similar products may contain B vitamins and taurine but this is negated by the high amounts of caffeine and sugar.

Children should not be allowed to consume any type of energy drink and it is also advisable to avoid them if you are pregnant or lactating, sensitive to caffeine, suffering from anxiety, stress or chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, predisposed to cardiovascular disease or have any type of blood clotting problems.

So, if energy drinks are no longer an option, how do you replenish lost energy?

Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician and natural health expert, advises that the first thing for you to do is figure out why you lack energy because one is in a lethargic state usually because of a stressful lifestyle, poor nutrition, negative emotions and lack of exercise and sleep.

You can increase your energy, then, by simply addressing these factors. This is commonly done by minimizing stress, maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough physical activity and sleep.

Dr. Mercola has been providing health-related articles and practical tips on how to achieve optimal health on his website,, since 1997. He is the author of Take Control of Your Health, a comprehensive guide designed to help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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