Friday, October 3, 2008

Dr. Mercola Says Snacking Can Be Healthy!

Everyone likes to munch on something. It’s hard to control our appetite for snacking. And we try to look for healthy alternatives so we can indulge! That’s why supposedly healthy snacks like sugar-free pastries and candy have a growing market made up of people who want to enjoy guilt-free snacking!

But Dr. Mercola warns that you must not be hoodwinked into believing that these options are “healthy”. These snacks are usually processed foods and artificial sweeteners which are just as harmful if not worse than the real deal! Instead of opting for snacks or food that mammoth food corporations spend billions of marketing dollars on, just to convince you that these are the healthier alternatives, seek all-natural snacks that offer you a broad range of nutrients!

Of course everyone hopes for a great tasting snack that satisfies cravings but doesn’t compromise health!

There’s a One Trail Mix that’s Better for Your Snacking and Nutritional Needs

Dr. Mercola has worked with some producers to develop a Trail Mix that uses only premium quality, organic dried fruits, nuts, seeds and authentic cocoa. Way Healthier Trail Mix doesn’t only have widespread appeal in terms of flavor (young and old alike would love the infusion of flavor in a handful of this healthy mix); it has a double dose of nutrients you can enjoy at any time of the day without feeling guilt ridden!

Still don’t believe your lucky stars - a snack that’s a nutritious handful of everything yummy?! You’ll want to rush and get yourself some when you learn what else Way Healthier Trail Mix has for you!

  • Only Certified Organic nuts and seeds
  • A trail mix providing antioxidants and smarter oils!
  • A high energy snack with no added sugar or harmful preservatives
  • No partially hydrogenated oils or fats!

Dr. Mercola states that you have every right to enjoy “healthy” snacking that’s genuinely good for you! Grab a Way Healthier Trail Mix now!

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