Friday, August 1, 2008

Learn About Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Keys to Good Health!

Dr. Joseph Mercola first became health conscious when he started exercising as a teenager. He was a student at the University of Illinois before going to medical school, and at the university, he developed a nationwide online system for finding kidney transplant recipients. The experience gave him an idea of how powerful a tool the Internet could be for medicine.

After years of practice as an osteopathic physician and natural medicine healer, Dr. Mercola started his own website, in 1997 and the rest is history. has since become one of the world’s most popular health websites and it’s still growing!

How did this happen?

Well, first of all, access to the website is free! After more than a decade online, it still is. Through the years, has been an invaluable resource that provides natural health and wellness information without charge and without third-party advertisements. is driven by Dr. Mercola’s experience with almost 20,000 patients, ongoing research of traditional and alternative medicine and his collaboration with other leading medical practitioners. Tons of useful knowledge pertinent to your health are available through the Natural Health News, Health Archive and Health Blog. Everything posted in the website goes through Dr. Mercola himself to ensure that the information is bona fide.

At, finding out how to improve your health is easy. Dr. Mercola’s keys to good health are based entirely on common sense: maintaining the right diet and proper lifestyle. The things that you do – what you eat and don’t eat and how you treat and maintain your body and mind – are what you need to reassess in order to stay healthy. Dr. Mercola can help you do just that and more!

Discover the keys to good health and change the way you live! Visit!

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